Welcome to my humble Multiverse!
Posted by vuk-d on October 31 2019 14:55:25

It's me! ^^^^

Hi! Welcome to my humble Multiverse!


My name's Vuk-D and I run this place purely for fun. 

Not much here yet on this portal, since it's under construction, but sure it'd be updated rather often soon!


Type of content to be expected:

• Most likely it's gonna be old content I've gathered in the past years of browsing the internet;

• Hayao Yokogawa's art;

• anything else I'll find acceptable for this kinda website. xx3


Extended News

So if you got to this part of a "news article", here's one reason this is created:

I kinda want to relive my childhood - as in tech-related childhood. This is pretty much the reason for selecting an old portal CMS (which is still maintained it seems to me) - it should be compatible with old browsers, such as IE5 and Firefox 2.5 and it has a specific vibe to me, that vibe that brings the memories of joy of exploring the internet.

Today's internet kinda lacks individuality and it got boring - nowadays all of us are stuck browsing YouTube, Instagram, VK/Facebook, Twitter, etc.; portals and forums are now the place for uhm more specific, professional talk, while homepages are the thing of the past. I don't expect many people joining my personal multimedia portal, but I hope some of you could at least reexperience the same fun of browsing the web aimlessly (well, if you had fun ::D).